Llandudno & District Riders Club

Llandudno Riders Club

Welcome to Llandudno Riders Club

Believed to be one of the oldest riding clubs in Wales we at Llandudno and District Riders' Club believe we are also one of the most active and forward thinking.

Our members enjoy a wide variety of activities and events including dressage, show jumping, and cross country competitions, showing shows, and social evenings including fun quizzes and talks.

Teams and individuals represent us at British Riding Club events and we are proud of their successes in reaching national championship finals.

But competition success isn't just what this club is about.

When it was founded in 1946 the introduction to the constitution read: "There are not many rules in this Club. Its members are people who like horses and riding, who enjoy doing things together and who are keen to learn all they can about horsemanship".

The guiding rules of the Club are Courtesy, Consideration and Kindness.

There is a great deal more in horsemanship than the ordinary person ever realises, and this Club wants to improve its own knowledge and skill and to make the true elements of equitation more generally appreciated.

If you have a lot of money you many be able to buy the best horse, but that is not the thing that will count in this Club.

You can?t buy good manners; you can't buy cheerfulness and you can?t buy that sympathy and understanding between horse and rider that makes them good comrades, and these are the things that we want people to judge this Club by.

We believe these words still hold good today.

If you would like to find out more about the club please browse these pages or contact one of the committee using the details provided.

 BHS/BRC  Affiliated Club No. 484