Llandudno & District Riders Club

Llandudno Riders Club

Club Rules

1:  The decision of the judges and stewards shall be final

2:  Refunds shall only be given upon receipt of a valid vets certificate or if the event is cancelled

3:  The organisers cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury to animals, vehicles, property or persons, which may occur directly or indirectly

4:  The organisers reserve the right to change a ring, class or timing if necessary, and may amalgamate/divide classes dependent upon entries

5:  Riders must wear hard hats at all times, to at least PAS015 or EN1384 standard, with the harness properly adjusted and fastened

6:  The committee has the right to ask that any animal, that they believe to be acting dangerously, leave the show field

7:  Everything that is possible will be done to avoid anyone missing a class through the clashing of timings, but we will not be held responsible should this occur

8:  All timings are approximate

9:  Only competitors on the class taking place may use the practice fence

10: Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and owners/handlers must clean up after them

11: No colts or stallions to be handled by anyone under the age of 14

12: Lead reins may only enter the lead rein classes unless specified elsewhere

13: All competitors must we body protectors for cross country/hunter trial competitions

14: No mare, having foaled in the current year may take part ina ridden class

15: No excessive use of whips or spurs is permitted by anyone

16: Horseboxes/trailers must not be mucked out on the show field.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in expulsion from the club

17: All complaints must be accompanied by a £10 deposit, refundable upon validation of the complaint

18: Only members are eligible for cash prizes and end of year trophies, unless otherwise stated

19: No excessive use of whips allowed at any Llandudno & District Club riding event